Our OMR Services

OMR Scanning Service

We capture data from documents designed to be read by OMR scanners, whether designed and/or printed by us or other pre-printed documents. Scan single page OMR forms or multiple page booklets.

* Let us handle your overflow scanning workload .
* Handle low and high volume scanning; no project is too big or too small.
* Receive your results electronically in flat ASCII format or we can export your scanned data to over 30 of the most popular spreadsheets or database formats

We can guarantee the process of data capture. Forms are checked visually and selected batches are checked using an OMR. We use special inks for printing and high quality Bankers Standard paper for all our forms. As a further guarantee that data is read correctly every form we produce checks that the reader is working properly each time it is read. You can't get better reliability than that!