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Remarks Classic Software

Whether you need to collect data from paper OMR ("fill in the bubble") forms or web forms, Gravics Remark software helps you complete your job faster, with less effort, and at a lower cost.

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Remark Office OMR

The world's leading scanning software for collecting and analyzing data from plain paper OMR (optical mark recognition) forms. No special forms and scanners are required! By creating and printing their own forms and using common scanners, customers have seen cost savings of several thousands of dollars per year.

Remark Classic

This is a scanning software is a popular solution for use with these dedicated scanners and standard forms. Providing an easy to use interface and a powerful analysis engine all in one product, Remark Classic OMR will grade your tests or tabulate your surveys using your Scantron, Sekonic or most other OMR scanners.

Remark Classic